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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DOGS VS HUMANS: Which species is better adapted?


Which species is better adapted?

Dogs are the people and the state is the dog walker.  Leashes are the laws, policemen and jails. The dog feels freedom at times but whenever that leash tightens the dog knows that it has a master. The dog walker makes the decisions and determines the level of freedom but the dog is not free.  Let the dog off the leash and anything can happen.

1.       Food

-Dogs with a home should get plenty of food. An unlucky few dogs have cruel owners who use them for fighting or breeding and do not treat them well.

-Dogs with no home must fend for their food in cities or in nature.

-Humans rely on money in most cultures or stealing for food. Many go without food but many eat until they grow fat and useless and throw away food. Some dogs also eat too much and grow unhealthy.  

-Humans and dogs can eat essentially the same things.

Advantage: Humans

2.       Water

-Dogs rely on humans for this as well as food.

-Humans mostly rely on other humans to provide drinking water. Or they create well or use rivers.

Advantage: Humans
3.       Shelter

-Dogs can take shelter in most places.

-Dogs have fur and do not require robust heating and cooling systems.

-Humans are not suited for all climates and require clothing for warmth.

Advantage: Humans

4.       Hygiene/Disease

-Dogs are prone to genetic issues but humans also have the same issues.

-Genetic diversity establishes better long term evolution for both.

-Dogs encounter more germs than humans and have developed immunities and defenses far superior to humans.

Advantage: Dogs
5.       Vision

-Dogs see better in the dark because of their superior hearing and smell and adaptation to night hunting and such nocturnal activities.

-Human vision is superior during the day and humans do a lot with their vision.

-Humans have created vision improving devices.

Advantage: Humans

6.       Deaths

-Humans kill themselves at alarming rates.

-Suicide is a human trait.

-Humans kill each other over silliness and greed.

-Dogs kill each other over food and mating.

-Humans also kill each other over food and mating.

-Cancer kills both species.

-Humans destroy their bodies with poisons and smoke.

-Dogs are killed by humans. (Neglect or otherwise)

Advantage: Dogs

7.       Sweating

-Humans are efficient sweaters.

-Humans and dogs both need water to cool and replenish lost water.

-Both are warm blooded and require energy for cooling and heating.

-Dogs sweat with their tongue. This is silly.

Advantage: Humans

8.       Life Expectancy

-Dogs live between 10-30 years depending on variables.

- Humans live from 50-100 years. (Far superior life spans)

Advantage: Humans

9.       Control

-Most dogs are controlled by masters. These masters vary in kindness, discipline, punishment, training, etc…

-Most humans are controlled by governments. These governments vary in tactics, philosophy, kindness, punishment, economic philosophy, etc…

-Humans believe themselves to be free.

-Dogs know who their masters are.

Advantage: Unknown

10.   Smelling

-Duh (Humans suck)

-Duh (Dogs rule)

Advantage: Dogs

11.   Intelligence

-Humans created intelligence by naming the thing they do to make thoughts into things.

-Dogs only display intelligence in relation to humans. Humans name things to be intelligent.

-Dogs that survive and mate are successful for their species.

- Dogs that do as they are told are usually more likely to live longer and better lives, although non-obedient dogs often have weak owners and these dogs do well.

Advantage: Bullshit

12.   Successful Mating

-The majority of dog breeding is controlled by humans.

-Dogs can breed at will in isolated situations. (When they escape or are free to roam)

-Humans just breed.

-Some human breeding is controlled.

Advantage: Humans

13.   Talking

-Dogs do not talk.

-Humans talk way too much.

Advantage: Humans

14.   Listening (Comprehension/Language)

-A well trained dog will convincingly mimic what a human does when it listens.

-Humans vary in their listening ability.

Advantage: Humans

15.   Stars?

-Dogs do not know what stars are. Their necks are restrained and their perspective is limited.

-Some humans have dedicated everything to them.

Advantage: Unknown

16.   Consciousness

-Dogs may be conscious but what would be the thing in their heads if not a language?

-Is language required for consciousness?

-Do dogs simply have a raw, unbridled and/or primitive language?

-Do humans have consciousness? Do they understand consciousness? Does consciousness exist?

-Is consciousness a word for something else entirely? Like Free will or inner thoughts or the soul?

Advantage: Unknown (Maybe it is better to not be conscious)

Scorecard thus far out of 16:



Unknowns: 4

To Be Continued...

17.   Loyalty

18.   Usefulness

19.   Harm to world

20.   Harm to own species


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